About Us

Q-Solution is small business enterprise formed in FY-2000 -. The key focus of Q-Solution is in providing business pinpoint driven enterprise solutions across various industries such as e-Commerce, Federal & State Government, Communications, Finance, Banking, Education, Automobile, Bio-Informatics, Health care/HMO, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Forest and Petro Chemicals.


Q-Solution specializes in providing very complex, large scale, distributed grid computing service oriented enterprise architectures (SOA) and business process focused solutions. Q-Solution joins with its customers and their business trading partners and works as one team in assisting them to meet their vision, mission and long term goals.


Q-Solution has a successful record of implementing a wide range of projects for reputed organizations and firms across the world with great success. The state-of-art infrastructure accentuated with the latest technological tools at Infinity helps in working out intelligent, quick and cost cutting software solutions for assorted business enterprises. The strength of M&M lies in its outstanding model of project execution that makes it possible for the timely delivery of the most complicated and advanced software and IT solutions to the clients.


Supported by a talented pool of experienced software engineers from the top notch Technical and Research Institutes in the country, Q-Solution offers you dedicated service at all stages of the project-right from the initial specification to the final delivery and maintenance, with round the clock (24/7 Service) support.